Sunday, April 24, 2011

Appreciating diversity

  1. Do not only look at your differences from other. Look at your similarities too.
  2. There is more than one person in the world who has the same obstacle as you in your life.
  3. Do not think of doing anything stupid.
I learned more about my friends and it was not as boring as normal lessons.

We can bond with each other.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Shape borrowing can allow beginners to find creative products which other people have not discovered.

SCAMPER guides people on how to improve their drawing like giving examples on ways to improve their   drawing such that it is more effective, efficient and resistive.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Design Appreciation

Nintendo Wii slippery controller
This is poorly designed as it is slippery and people playing Wii Sports swing their hands holding the remote so the remote may slip from their hands and fly at the TV.
MacBook Pro razor-sharp case
This is poorly designed as the sides of the bottom of the Macbook Pro is sharp and if people use the Macbook Pro for a long time with their hands resting on the Macbook Pro, their wrists will be injured.
Dyson AIr multiplier fan with no blades
This is a well designed product as it acts like a fan blowing wind towards you except that it does not have blades so it is safe for children.
One Touch™ Can Opener
This is a well designed product.It is a can opener which you do not need to use any strength to open the can. Just place it on the can then press the green button and it should help you open the can.It prevents you from getting injured when you try to open the can.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Challenge Based Learning: Transportation

BIG idea- Transportation
EQ- Why is taking public transportation better than driving my own car?
Challenge- Take public transportation more often then driving my own car.
GQ- How is taking public transportation better then driving my own car?
GA- Search the internet.
GR- Internet.
Solutions- Surfing internet or asking a expert.
Assessment- The answers found in the internet may not always be right while the answers you get from a expert is always right.
Publishing- Post in my blog and on facebook and ask for feedback.